XloveCash general forum RULES

General forum rules - please read before posting

XloveCash general forum RULES

Postby John-ACWM » Fri Dec 26, 2008 11:37 am

Greetings everyone,

Before listing our rules we would like to say few things about the purpose and goals of XloveCash forum. Obviously the board will be used to discuss various aspects about Acwm affiliate program and sites but we also strive to build a community where people help each other in good faith, exchange knowledge, experiences and resources in order to smooth the adult venture, to find new business opportunities, ideas, solutions to fix various problems and not at the last to built strong friendships.

Here at XloveCash we value the quality of the information posted on our board, it’s not our goal to build a mega forum – we rather prefer a smaller board but containing valuable content that should be helpful for any adult webmaster.


  • You must be at least 18 years old or over to use XloveCash forum
  • Any form of Spamming will not be tolerated, (posting spam, private messages spam, signature spam etc) all topics or posts containing SPAM will be deleted and your account will be banned
  • Do not post illegal stuffs or links to illegal sites.
  • No sexually explicit material (hardcore materials), if you plan to post images, embedded videos etc..keep it SOFTCORE
  • Any kind of libel it’s not accepted on XloveCash board, we don’t care if you have proofs or not, we are not in any position to deal with these kinds of stuffs, also there are too many people out there making false accusations. So if you want to tell the world about someone who has cheated you, please find another board or go in court with it.
  • Respect forum Admins / Moderators decisions. If you have something to comment about Admins/Moderators actions you are welcomed to do it by Private Message, don’t go public with it.
  • Using XloveCash forum it’s rather a privilege and not a right, we are entitled to select our users. Breaking our forum rules repeatedly will most probably result in your account banned or restricted. Not knowing these rules doesn’t count as an excuse for breaking them.
  • Do you have ideas or positive and constructive criticism that you think will help ACWM system to get better for the benefit of all parties involved? You are more then welcomed to post your opinions, but please don’t confuse this line with something else, bashing around our program it’s not constructive criticism.
  • POSITIVITY is the KEY for us, anyhow we understand that everyone is different, also from any negative things might be something positive to learn out of it so if you want to post DRAMA, feel free to do it, but don’t disclose any personal info about people or companies involved in your dramatic story. In fact don’t post anyone's personal information.
  • If you think you spotted an ACWM affiliate playing DIRTY, don’t go public with it on this board, please report his actions to us, we’ll deal with it.
  • Are you a “forum troll” or a “sig whore”? Think twice before joining this forum.

XloveCash Forum conduct

  • Are you new to XloveCash board? Introduce yourself HERE. It’s not mandatory but it’s strongly recommended
  • Talk nicely and respect the opinions of other fellow webmasters, no insults allowed on XloveCash forum.
  • Don’t annoy our board members with private messages, could easily be seen as SPAM and we will block this feature on your account.
  • We know that there are many other cam sponsors doing great for you, but don’t bring them in discussions here (including links), that’s just bad manners.
  • Use forum Search function before starting a subject that was already discussed
  • Try to be on topic and don’t make a habit in posting 1-2 words
  • Use titles that are descriptive for the content of your topic. We reserve the right, if necessary, to edit the topic titles to better describe the content.
  • No cross posting, write your message only once and choose the appropriate forum category for it.
  • No multiple personalities – only 1 account allowed. If we catch you with multiple accounts, we’ll ban all of them.
  • Try as much as possible not to intimidate newbies with rhetorical answers, remember that we all were newbies once.
  • Don’t copy content from other sites/boards and paste it here as yours, you can quote an excerpt from that content and you must add a link pointing to it.

Signature Rules

  • You only have 300 characters for your signature space, so use it wisely.
  • Maximum 468x60 banner size and up to 4 links (including banner link if used)
  • You can use referral codes in your signature but don’t link to other CAMS SPONSORS
  • No all CAPS in sig

We reserve the right to add new rules or to modify existing ones at any time if required.
This being said, we wish you a pleasant stay on XloveCash Forum.

XloveCash Team
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