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Custom Banners - Suggestion

Postby Dave-Xlovecash » Mon Nov 19, 2018 2:18 pm

I want to contribute with the community. Here is our recipe for a custom great banner:

1. Take Some Time. Much better to make 5 great banners than 25 average. It's a highly competitive field and you need monster banners that perform well. But also you need more banners because users love new staff and get bored very quick.

2. Content Is A King. Sorry, you can't make a great banner from average content. Invest in your content and make banners will be MUCH easier. But you can make an average banner from great content. So see number 1.

3. Go Emotional. Why we love Porn? It's because of mirror neurons. When we see how the actor fucks a hot babe... we also want to have sex with the babe or a partner. More emotional actor sends more pleasure. More emotional banner promises better porn.

4. FASTER! You have a couple of seconds. Show me what you got!


Now user can process much more information per second. Anything can distract him anytime. Main video, wife, another banner. Make your banner bold and saturate.

But not too much.

5. Higher Quality. We have this filesize restriction but we need to make the best possible quality because users love it. HD banner means HD content.

5.1. Use Loop. A small part of the video that repeated infinity times.

5.2 Use HTML5 graphics. Because codec for video works not very well with static graphics you need to use separate codec for them to receive better quality. You can see this difference between "Choose Your Gender" and "Adults Only" graphics.

6. Keep it simple. Clean and recognizable text and buttons. It's small size. Don't use too many details and be in contrast with the background.

7. Talk with the audience on their language. Always use localization. Not everyone knows English :) And even if they know much better conversion will be with native language. Use local text, fonts, models and even flag.

8. Use color correction. Our brain designed to see most saturated and colorful things. Like berries or a snake.

Thanks for reading! I will be glad if you will add something to this thread.
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